I’m a guy who loves creating, sharing and letting people experience a story. Over the past 15 years of working in advertising, my aim has always been to create concepts that engage, interact and socialize between a brand and its audience. Initially it was through my love of direct mail long copy but then over the past 10 years it has broadened into the world of digital and multi-touch point campaign ideas.

Areas of Skilled Creativity
· Creative direction for digital, TTL campaigns and corporate websites
· On and offline long and short copy plus
· Content strategy, script conceptulisation and writing
· Art direction
· Award winning DM and digital creative concepting and assessment
· 75% pitch success rate on FMCG and blue-chip brands
· Consistent delivery of creative with result driven engagement
· Decisive and clear creative feedback
· User-focused digital design architecture
· Creative concepts for digital activation, apps, SEO, DM, print, radio, TV and 360 campaigns
· Social media campaign engagement
· Ability to take an ATL idea and bring it to digital life whilst retaining its integrity
· Fundamental knowledge of digital production platform capabilities
· Ability to use Jedi mind-tricks to sell creative

Areas of Creative Management
· Creatively managing regional accounts
· Building a creative group from a team of 3 to 8
· Successfully transforming an agency group’s business from 95% offline to 90% online in 3 years
· Introduction of consumer and digital activation into an agency’s creative offering
· Contributions to campaign, pitch and digital strategies
· Streamlining digital workflow
· Agency group traffic workflow management
· Creative talent assessment and nurturing
· Creative strategic planning
· Understanding of cross-cultural dynamics to maximize creative output and goals
· Introduction of creative growth systems for creative team goals and their career development


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