The Apoquel Wish Fairy

Itch in dogs is annoying and painful for them. About one of the only treatments for it was using steroids but this was short-term and often affected the dog's health so it wasn't a popular choice by vets.

Zoetis animal health were launching their new itch treatment into the Australian market and wanted to attract the attention of vets. Being a pharma product the product name couldn't be mentioned so we create a way to announce its arrival with style and magic.

Vets had a quest for a safer and better treatment for itch. With Apoquel arriving into the market, their wish was granted.

Our idea was to introduce them to Ruby, the Apoquel Wish Fairy who grants vets their wishes for a faster and safer way to treat itch. Ruby become the spokes-fairy for all things itch. The campaign included print, Point of Sale, eDMs, online and a video.

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