Lipton Clear Green - Claire Green
BTL shopper promotion  & digital activation concept
Often we'd get an ATL concept and the brief would be to bring it to life BTL and online. This campaign was for a pitch and won us the business.

The key thought (and ATL line) was that a cup of green tea was good for you every day and to promote the healthy well-being benefits it has. Lipton wanted to rapidly raise the consumption of the product - hence the 'cup-a-day'. 

Because of issues of cultural sensitivities of showing real women in the Middle East which was sometimes not allowed with in-store situations, I re-created the ATL thought as an illustrated style and called her Claire Green.

This gave us the flexibility to show scenes of her feeling good (thanks to to benefits of green tea) throughout the week across different channel touch-points. 

Claire really came alive in the digital concepts we pitched to the client, especially in an animated billboard, where she hula hooped when you walked past it, as well as taking the user through a yoga class app.

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