Poms Will Whinge
Direct Mail
The campaign “Poms will whinge” had been launched to attract entrants for the British Council arts scholarship in the UK. This hasbeen via another team at M&C Saatchi who worked on the initial concept inprint, viral videos and a website.

The thought behind their idea was that a bunch of young English people were whinging and complaining that Australians were able to apply and come to the UK and why weren’t they given the opportunity.

Our job was to invite everyone to the actual awards ceremony. Which we did, however to continue the idea, we mailed the official invitation followed by another mail-pack which contained a letter and petition signed by whinging poms asking the invited guest to boycott the ceremony.

The entire campaign(all elements) picked up DM Campaign of the Year ADMA and Gold ADMA CreativeCampaign in 2006.

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