Lipton Chai Latte
Retail POS, Experiential, Online, Digital Game Apps
This idea was a pitch concept for an intergrated launch promotion for Lipton Chai Lattein the Middle East Gulf countries. Lipton had identified young 16-25 year old guys as their target audience.

Chai Latte’s positioning was that you would do anything to get hold of the great new taste of it.

Cultural insights with the audience living in the region, told us that these guys are always up for a challenge to show-off their “manliness” to their friends.

So we created two experiential challenges and dared them to take on a bull and a tiger. The activations didn’t involve real animals but a mechanical bull riding machine and “Tiger” a Sumo wrestler.

In-store posters drove the audience online to download cool apps to play as well as tell them to register for prize trips to watch real bull-riding in the USA and sumo wrestling in Japan as well as attend the activation events which we planned to host at uni campuses. The plan was to film the “dare matches” and use the content for viral, social media feeds and on the campaign microsite.
Challenge poster
Promotion  Poster
In-store product theme display
Experiential event to wrestle the sumo
Challenge poster
In-store themed product display
Experiential mechanical bull-riding event
Campaign microsite
Content on the microsite sourced from the experiential events
Digital game app

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