Nokia City Meter
Digital Installation & Social Media Concept
This idea was for a concept for Nokia E7. The City Meter’s sole purpose was a bit of fun to start conversations to find out what was on the minds of people in their city in the Middle East. It was about promoting a product - the E7 but engaging people first and then following up with a 'light' product message.
To make the City Meter work, we’d ask questions via social media. People could respond and see their reply appear on the digital installation and mirrored on the website, giving them the power to move the opinion or social mood of their city – so just like a mobile, the power of social influence was literally and figuratively in their hands.
This was to be one of the biggest integrated social mediacampaigns for Nokia that covered live interactive digital installations, web, mobi-site, mobile app, FaceBook, Twitter, desktop widgets, as well as offline OOH media.

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