Galaxy Ice Cream Secrets

Galaxy Ice Cream is made from a range of natural ingredients which make it so indulgent and pleasurable to enjoy. The problem was no-one knew this and Mars Inc wanted to share their secrets to encourage sales with the key point of difference of its natural goodness.

We decided on creating an explorative game for players to reveal the hidden secrets of Galaxy Ice Cream. Insights told us that it was mostly consumed in the home, so we created the Galaxy Ice Cream house with different rooms that could be explored.

The game was centred on finding the hidden secrets on the bookcase (this opened in half to reveal the secret).  There were visual and sound ques for the player to interact with. Once they found the hot spot, we asked them a secret to share, then a Galaxy Ice Cream secret was shared with them. Every secret shared by the player was another entry into the drawn to win gift vouchers for jewellrey. (And yes there were some very interesting and "hot" secrets that had to be moderated before we put them in the Secrets gallery to view).

Players were driven to the site via offline POS, emails and banner ads which gave us some great results over 4 weeks.
81,445: Site visits
24,182: Secrets shared
673,125: Page viewership
5.45 Minutes spent on the site

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