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This concept was for a pitch for Whiskas in the Middle East. Whiskas were keen to reconnect with their audience and grow their business.

The insight we worked off was that you don’t own a cat, it owns you. Basically a cat comes and goes as it pleases and offers affection only when it feels like it.

The key positioning for the campaign was that only Whiskas will help make your cat love you so you can enjoy more of its affection. 

Our thought was that no matter how "challenging" a cat could be, all would be forgiven after dinner, as the cat would show its love and appreciation from having eaten Whiskas.

We won the account with our multi-touch point retail campaign.

As an adjunct to the campaign, we suggested that cat owners could create 12 months of happiness. A Whiskas microsite would let them upload images of their own cat to create a personalised calender which they could either print off and hang or use it as an smart phone app.
Print ad and poster
Print ad and poster
Print ad and poster
3D floor media
In-store theatre concept
Microsite to create a personalised cat calender
Cat calender print example
Personalised cat calender app

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