Planet Mars
Mars Health & Nutrition website
The Planet Mars website is one of the jobs I’m really proud of. It’s been one of the few times that a client had 100% faith in our vision for the project, and between this and some serious artistic and digital talent we were able to produce an amazing user experience.
We suggested a non-conformist approached to Mars Health & Nutrition corporate website brief which was to engage their consumers about health and nutrition. Mars wanted people to be active, so rather than pages of boring information, we created neighborhoods for people to explore and nutritional tools they could use.

The site is kind of unique, as it's actually 4 sites in one, in the fact that we have an English and Arabic version as well as a video and still version for high and low bandwidth users, because connection speeds vary so much across the Middle East.
Going beyond the brief, we suggested a Facebook App. which allows people to create their own activities or join others. It was a finalist in the Lester Wunderman Awards in 2010 for Online Excellence.

Check out the real site at....

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