Nokia E7 Success Climber Game

Nokia were launching the new E7 using the global creative positioning platform of "success". We created an online game that players could take the test to see how fast they could be a successful corporate or social climber.

All the questions related to the functions and features of the E7, to educate and convince players it was an ideal mobile device to have for their work and social life.

The game's mechanics were the faster you answered the questions, the higher you climbed, with the aim of getting to the number one position on the ladder with the lowest time frame - which we published online and via social media links.

As the player "climbed" the ladder, the frames speed past the screen to the next question to give the effect they were rocketing skywards like in a lift.

(The frames below are just a few examples of the questions. We had about 20 questions for each game version as we wanted players to improve their ranking with new questions rather than repeat the previous games.)

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